Demo 2012

by springtime

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Joe Gallagher
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Joe Gallagher It just has an energy and feeling that's missing in a lot of contemporary punk music, I feel. Favorite track: Time After Time.
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Recorded and mixed by Chris Compton March 4th, 2012.
Mastered by Grant Rutledge.

Thanks to Chris and Grant for making this sound amazing.


released March 7, 2012

Marsh - vocals
Charlie - guitar
Chris - guitar
Roger - bass
Will - drums

If you're interested in buying a tape, contact us at:



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springtime Richmond, Virginia

We're a band from Richmond, VA. Full length coming out 2045.

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Track Name: Closer
Running to be closer
Just let me find my way
Please stop pretending
And just let me find my way

Running to be closer
While I’m waiting for you to call
Please stop pretending
While I’m waiting for you to call
Track Name: Distraction
I can’t be bothered with your distractions
But hiding spots are scarce when you’re around
So I’ll shut you out so I’m not found
My eyes are turning red
From all the lessons learned that I’ll forget

My intentions are worthless and I never learn
Choking on the teeth that I grit too long
Four years of this shit and nothing earned
How many times will I be wrong

I am guilty
These hands are red
It was never you
And I never ran
What chases, Catches
You’ve won and I’m caught
Your hook remains forever
Track Name: Far From Sight
I’ll find the loser who fucked this up
Confined to me to keep my trust
I wish this mirror lied for once
Stood by my pathetic test of luck

This chance is gone
I feel it over and over
Your words are warm
But your breath is colder

But it won’t this time
And you’ll hide
So far from sight
You better keep them eyes off me
For good
This time
Track Name: Time After Time
Time after time you doubt my mind
And this time I wish that I was wrong
We both know I’ve tried to change your mind

But I won’t
And I know you’ll go
No matter how hard I try
This time
This time around
I’ll see you around

Time after time you change your mind
Disenchanted with the thoughts that keep you here
While I’m to scared to make my mind
Why can’t I make my god damn mind

And I wish that I was wrong
And this time I wish that I was wrong
But I know you’ll go
No matter how hard I try

Time after time

You’ll change your mind

Time after time
Track Name: First Leaf
I wish I could stare you down
I’ve never looked into those eyes
Without a mask as your disguise
So what happened when you were away
Tell me the truth, I wish you’d say

That he looked in your eyes
And you looked back
Lies don’t mean shit
If you can’t act

First leaf to fall
I hope it’s the last to make you smile
You’ll hide the mind from me for awhile
Track Name: Leap
You made a huge mistake
When you left us behind
And I miss the boy I used to know

Can’t sleep, your legs gone lame
You were not good enough
Not now you’re not the same
Two cents worth less and less
So tell me what you have learned
You’ve done your best
But show me something you have earned

I hope you know
That you’ll be fine
Yeah you’ll be fine
We’ll always be there for you
So just come back
So just come back to us